October is Tyre Safety Month - how often do you check your fleet's tyres?

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Managing a fleet is as much about ensuring your drivers are safe as it is managing the day to day organisation. There are over 10 million illegal and dangerous tyres on Britain's roads in 2016 - that's one in four*. Are some of these within your own fleet?
5,677 road casualties over the last five years have been due to tyres*, and 989 people have been killed or seriously injured from tyre related incidents over the last five years*. With more than 200 people being killed or seriously injured in a work related driving accident every single week**, it's clear that neglecting your fleet's tyres can lead to serious consequences.

Ensuring your fleet is tyre safe though is easy - encourage your drivers to regularly check their tyres or hold monthly company-wide tyre checking events. Our infographic shows exactly what to look out for.

Facts and Figures

Tyre Replacement and Repairs

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To ensure your drivers are kept safe and you meet your duty of care obligations, we can replace and repair your tyres across your fleet through our alliance with Kwik Fit. This means that as a partner of Pendragon Vehicle Management you would get:

  • Tyres from the UK's market leader
  • Service from a recognised household name with centres in easy to find locations
  • Access to many brands of different tyre
  • UK wide coverage
  • Mobile units to service drivers at home or at the office
  • Low rates thanks to Pendragon's purchasing power with Kwik Fit
  • Inspections and duty of care safety checks performed at your locations

Switching to safe tyres has additional benefits too:

Safe tyres = savings on your fuel bill

  • Driving on under-inflated tyres decreases their rolling resistance, meaning they need more energy to make them turn, which therefore increases fuel consumption
  • Driving on tyres just 20% under inflated can reduce fuel economy by 3%
  • For example, a car with fuel consumption of 36.2mpg driving 20,000 miles per year = fuel costs of £3,325.51. 3% reduction in fuel economy due to 20% under inflated tyres adds an extra £106.91 to fuel costs; multiplied by a fleet of 100 cars means extra costs of a whopping £10,690.71 per year

For more tyre safety advice, visit www.tyresafe.org, or call us on 01332 267389 and ask us about how you can take advantage of our tyre replacement and repair service.

*Tyresafe, 2016

Updated on 07/10/2016