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With the cost of driving getting more and more expensive, unexpected costs like parking fines, congestion charges and speeding ticket are very much unwelcomed by motorists and fleet managers. Charges and penalties are easily avoidable, however innocent mistakes can happen, resulting in motorists having to fork out what can often be a big lump sum of money.

Read our top advice and tips on how to avoid unnecessary motoring charges and penalties as a result of congestion charges, speeding fines and parking tickets by downloading our free guide below.

Included in this guide:

  • Speeding: the law
  • Britain's Speeding Ticket Hotspots
  • Congestion and Toll Charges, including the Dartford Crossing and Mersey Gateway Bridge
  • Parking Fine Hotspots
  • How to avoid further charges

Whether you're a company car driver looking for some advice or a fleet manager looking to help educate drivers so that they can avoid penalty fines in the future, we hope that you find this guide useful.

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