PVM Driver App

The PVM Driver App is a powerful resource for drivers who have a company car or company van. It consolidates important vehicle contract information with driver support functions in one convenient location, supporting you on the go.

Features include:

Driver Support Functions

  • Report a breakdown or accident
  • Book a service or MOT
  • Request a VE103 form to travel abroad
  • Organise tyre and glass replacement or repair

Helpful Tools

  • Key Contacts
  • FAQs
  • Route finder and traffic report
  • Log of any fines
  • Overview of BVRLA fair wear and tear guidelines

Key contract information

  • Vehicle details including P11D
  • Contract Mileage
  • Contract Dates

Available for any partner with a maintenance package on iOS or Android, further developments will see additional features added as PVM continues to develop enhanced service, and automated convenience for you and your drivers.

Driver App

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