PVM has partnered with leading telematics provider Trakm8 to provide our customers with insight in to their fleet that goes beyond just vehicle tracking.

Trakm8 is an industry leader within fleet management technology, insurance telematics, optimisation and vehicle camera solutions. Trakm8's award-winning fleet optimisation software is proven to cut fuel expenditure by up to 20% and increase productivity by up to 33%. By working closely with them, our Team can work with you to determine which package and which particular products will bring the best insights for your business. 

How does telematics work?

Fleet telematics is an electronic device that is fitted to your business vehicles, offering customisable business intelligence and fully integrated options.

This subsequently transfers data and provides real-time information about the location and health of your vehicles, allowing you to minimise safety threats, save on fuel, improve driving behaviour and meet your duty of care compliance.

Additional functionality also allows you to include extra’s such as a lightbar that can be used to provide real-time feedback to drivers when they harshly turn, brake or accelerate, as well as allowing for extensive reporting on the performance of your vehicle fleet.

As a powerful tool increasingly used in commercial vehicles, telematics can provide valuable and usable information on your fleet and can also have a place within company cars or even grey fleet. Together we are able to supply and advise on telematics for any size business to suit any business need. 

Take a look at what could work for your business:

The benefits of choosing telematics?

  • Boost productivity by monitoring if your vehicles are on the move, track mileage and locate your vehicles quickly in the event of an accident. 
  • Improve driver behaviour and encourage better driving to reduce fleet costs. 
  • Assists with improved fuel efficiency, reducing costs and helping to produce less carbon emissions. 
  • Our telematics and optimisation systems are able to integrate with your existing systems Fleet Management systems.

The benefits of Trakm8 Connectedcare?

  • Remotely identify underlying vehicle faults and battery health issues.
  • Prevent breakdowns and non-starts.
  • Proactively schedule maintenance work at a time that suits your business.
  • No need to pay for diagnostic services at a garage.
  • Improve customer service by reducing unplanned downtime.
  • Provides you with real time performance and fuel data.

Track & Trace with Telematics 

Take a look at the RH600 in action:

Trakm8 Telematics track and trace diagram

How to get in touch

To find out more about what Telematics options could work best for you call us on: 01332 267 389 or email the team.