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Fines – Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a range of common questions to assist should you be issued with a fine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedicated are on hand to help you manage your fleet and administration, saving you time and letting you get on with the tasks that matter.

We have collated some of the most commonly asked questions related to how Pendragon Vehicle Management process fines below, but if there are any further questions, please contact your account manager or our fines department through the details found below.

Our dedicated team can be on hand to help manage your fleet administration, including fine handling.

We hope you find these FAQ's useful on answering any queries you may have on how Pendragon Vehicle Management process fines. Please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or our Fines Department on if you have any additional questions or require any further information.

Will Pendragon Vehicle Management provide a copy of the penalty charge notice?
Yes, a copy of the parking or penalty charge notice will be emailed to you together with the invoice for the cost of the fine and the agreed administration fee. Please feel free to contact our Fines team if you have not received this. Please note, further information about your parking or penalty charge notice can be found by visiting the Issuers website, where you will be able to review additional evidence and videos when available.
Which offences are endorsable?
Speeding and traffic offences are endorsable.
Which offences are non-endorsable?

The following are non-endorsable:

  • Parking charges
  • Parking on private land
  • Bus lane contraventions
  • Congestion Charge
  • Dartford Crossing Charge
  • Tolls and bridges, i.e. M6 Toll
  • Non declaration of vehicle on Motor Insurance Database
How long does a Police authority have to issue a speeding fine to the registered keeper?
The Police have 14 days in which to issue a speeding fine notification to the registered keeper. Outside of this time, it is unenforceable.
Will I still be able to challenge a speeding fine if Pendragon Vehicle Management pay for it on my behalf?
Yes – payment of a penalty notice does not imply an admission of guilt. Should you feel that a fine has been issued incorrectly or that you have reasons to challenge it, please contact the issuing authority directly. If a fine is cancelled, we will send you a credit for the amount of the cancelled fine, subject to receiving confirmation of cancellation in writing from the issuing authority. 
How do I challenge a fine?
If you feel that you have grounds for appeal, and you wish to contest the charge, the details on how to appeal directly to the authority will be on the copy of the notice sent to you. Some authorities will require an authorisation letter from the registered keeper (Pendragon Vehicle Management) to be able to process your request. Should this be the case with your fine, please contact us to request a 3rd party authorisation letter to send with your appeal.
Can I get a refund if my fine is cancelled?

If you are successful with your challenge and your fine is cancelled by the issuing authority, we will be able to credit you the amount of the fine or issue a refund if you have already made a payment to Pendragon Vehicle Management. Please provide our fines team with a written confirmation of the cancellation from the authority, and they will process the credit or the refund for you.

Please note that the administration fee is not refundable, even in case of cancellation of the fine by the authority.

Why have I been charged an administration fee?
Whilst we endeavour to always offer the best value for money and customer service to our customers, the volume of fines we receive daily has meant that a full team is required to handle and manage the fine process. The administration fee helps to cover the overhead costs of the team and ensures paperwork is managed promptly and efficiently.
How do I contact the Fines Department at Pendragon Vehicle Management?
Simply head over to the contact us page, and choose whether you want to call or email us.