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‘Fair wear and tear’ is when a vehicle’s condition deteriorates over time. This is not considered to be damage to the vehicle; after all, repeated use is bound to have an effect.

A few days before your vehicle’s return date, an independent inspection company will come to inspect the condition of your vehicle. Don’t worry, they’re not there to catch you out, but it is important that you return the vehicle in an acceptable condition.

As a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), PVM follow the guidelines given in the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide. Here are some general Dos and Don’ts to help you comply with these guidelines. Follow them and you won’t have to pay any damage charges!

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  • Check your vehicle thoroughly 10-12 weeks before the return date
  • Clean the vehicle inside and out before returning
  • Make sure all original documentation and equipment is inside
  • Ensure that all tools and the spare wheel are present
  • Check your tyres, making sure they meet the UK legal requirements and the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Make sure the paint is free from rust and corrosion
  • Ensure that the vehicle meets current MOT standard
  • Neatly repair the aerial hole if it has been removed
  • Check that the vehicle will start and is roadworthy

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  • Forget the spare keys
  • Leave any personal belongings in the vehicle (especially house keys on the car key fob!)
  • Worry about minor imperfections (scratches up to 25mm, small areas of chipping, dents up to 10mm)
  • Return the car with chips, holes or cracks in any of the windows
  • Return the car with headlights that don’t work or damaged wing mirrors
  • Return the car with any scuffs of more than 50mm on the wheels
  • Worry about light scratches – if you can’t feel it with a fingernail, it can be polished out and won’t incur charges