Electric vehicles are now available to hire through Rental Plus, our unique flexible mid to long term rental service.

We have your convenience in mind with Bluetooth and Satellite Navigation guaranteed and with zero emissions, great performance, outstanding fuel economy and exceptional environmental awareness why wouldn't you choose electric?

If you are looking to hire a low emission vehicle for your business or wish to discuss your options with one of our team please get in touch.

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Electric vehicles

The benefits of electric vehicles

There are several benefits to hiring an electric vehicle for the duration of your rental. We’ve listed a few of the main reasons you can look forward to when hiring these vehicles:

  • Highly fuel-efficient and generally cheaper to run than their fully petrol and diesel equivalents with smooth and quiet performance. 
  • Exempt from Clean Air Zones (CAZ), Low Emissions Zones (LEZ) and London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).
  • Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions making them greener, cleaner and better for the environment than their petrol or diesel car counterparts.
  • Access the latest in-vehicle technology and the the latest in battery technology.
  • Improve your businesses reputation and meet corporate responsibility goals by choosing low emission vehicles.
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Things to consider when hiring electric vehicles

To determine the right hire choices are for your business it is best to seek advice, but it could be useful to consider the following:

  • What type of journeys will your vehicle need to be used for? Short hops around towns and cities where charge points are plenty or longer journeys?
  • Are you looking to hire a specific electric vehicle? Not all models are currently available but we can help you choose an alternative that is suitable.
  • Are there going to be charging facilities at your drivers’ destinations or along their routes? 
  • Is there enough time in driver schedules to factor in the time it takes to recharge when necessary?
  • Do your drivers have charge points or access to public ones locally?

Common questions about our electric hire vehicles: 

What are electric vehicles like to drive

Electric vehicles are very quiet with instant response. Also as many EVs have their batteries in the floor, they have a low centre of gravity boasting good handling and smoother driving.

Which electric vehicle are available to hire

We are still expanding our range of electric vehicles available on Rental plus. However we currently we have the BMW i3 (small electric hatchback) and the Audi e-Tron (electric 5 door SUV) available to hire. 

What sort of range can be expected from an electric hire vehicle
Vehicle range is the distance an EV can travel from a full charge and the range our hire vehicles can cover is between 160 and 237 miles on a full charge. 
What will it cost to charge an electric hire vehicle
When charging, each recharge costs roughly £2.50-£3, and may cost more at peak times depending on the electricity provider. Many public charge points are free to use but there are some that require a small payment for a flat connection fee or a cost per charging time.
Will an electric hire vehicle have a charge cable provided with them
Yes, all hybrid hire vehicles will be provided with a charge cable to use for the duration of the hire contract.

Contact us for advice

If you are looking to hire an electric or low emission vehicle for your business please email rentalsolutions@pendragon.uk.com or call 01332 267339 to contact our team who will answer any questions you may have.