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Making the switch to hybrid or electric

As demand for hybrid and electric vehicles increases, we have seen further measures such as clean air zones become implemented across the UK. Now may be the perfect time for your business to make the switch from conventionally-fuelled vehicles to hybrid or electric.

Planning and making the transition to a green fleet will be an individual challenge, requiring specific needs dependent on business operations. However, reviewing your fleet policy to adjust your vehicle choice is not as inconvenient as you may first expect.

Pendragon Vehicle Management can assist in evaluating your fleet’s fuel mix, recommending the ideal vehicle line-up to suit business needs, and remain compliant with the latest government guidelines.

Make your fleet hybrid or electric

Transitioning your fleet vehicles to hybrid and electric models is a forward-thinking and sustainable choice that brings numerous benefits. By embracing these eco-friendly alternatives, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, lower your running costs, and demonstrate your commitment to environment responsibility.

By prioritising the adoption of greener technologies like electric and hybrid vehicles, you can achieve a more sustainable future while simultaneously reaping the economic and environmental rewards of a cleaner fleet.