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Hybrid vehicles are the best of both worlds, offering dependable performance and enhanced efficiency

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An Introduction to Hybrid Vehicle Hire

Choose hire vehicles that are at the cutting-edge of environmental technology with our hybrid vehicle hire options.

Pendragon Vehicle Management can help ensure that businesses have the choice of low emission hire vehicles. A hybrid vehicle is the intelligent combination of an electric motor and a petrol or diesel engine, usually resulting in great performance, outstanding fuel economy, and exceptional environmental awareness.

If you are looking to hire a low emission vehicle for your business, please contact our team.

Things to consider when hiring a hybrid

To determine the right rental choice for your business, it is best to seek advice, but it could be useful to consider the following, especially if you're considering a plug-in hybrid.

  • What type of journeys will your vehicle need to be used for? Short hops around towns and cities where charge points are plenty, or longer journeys?
  • Are you looking to hire a specific hybrid vehicle? Not all models are currently available, but we can help choose an alternative that is suitable.
  • Are there going to be charging facilities at your drivers’ destinations or along their routes?
  • Is there enough time in driver schedules to factor in the time it takes to recharge?
  • Do your drivers have charge points or access to public ones locally?

For more information on hybrid vehicles, take a look at our Hybrid and Electric Hub.

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What are hybrids like to drive?
Driving a hybrid vehicle is similar to driving a conventional automatic car, so there is little compromise on the overall experience. Most hybrids will have a choice of power modes, too, enabling the driver to choose maximum efficiency or performance depending on the driving conditions.
What sort of all-electric range can be expected from a hybrid?
Plug-in Hybrids have a much smaller electric range (typically 20 to 30 miles) than a fully electric vehicle, but they have a petrol or diesel engine to fall back on when the battery power is running low. Full Hybrids can also travel on electric power only, but this is usually at slower speeds for short distances. Mild hybrids can not travel on electric power alone.
What happens when a hybrid vehicle is running low on both fuel and charge?

Just like a petrol or diesel car, when your Hybrid vehicle is nearing the end of its charge and if you are also running low on fuel, it is time to find a petrol station and/or charge point as soon as you can.

If only your charge is depleted, your car will automatically revert to the internal combustion engine for power, allowing you to reach a charging point with no stress.

What will it cost to charge a hybrid vehicle?

Many public charge points are free to use, but there are some that require a small payment for a flat connection fee or a cost per charging time.

Full hybrids and mild hybrid models recharge themselves as you drive using energy that is normally lost, meaning you will not have to pay an additional fee to recharge these vehicles.

Will hybrid hire vehicles have a charge cable provided?
Yes, if your vehicle needs to be plugged-in to recharge, a charging cable will be provided for the duration of the hire contract.