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The Van Experience is the complete package, reducing vehicular downtime and improving productivity

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The Pendragon Vehicle Management Van Experience

We will guide you and your company through the journey of finding and maintaining your vans. The Van Experience is the complete package to help you get the most from your fleet.

As leaders in downtime management, we'll help you plan for downtime and keep your vehicles on the road as much as possible. We also utilise our large stock of manufacturer-approved parts by offering Foresight Servicing. Many of our clients choose to take advantage of this, allowing their fleet to be fully serviced when required, vastly reducing the chance of a breakdown.

The Perfect Fleet Package

As part of the UK's largest automotive group, we have the purchasing power to find you the ideal vehicle, including electric vehicles that are suitable for fleets that regularly enter ULEZ zones. As van specialists, we have the knowledge to ensure you get the ideal vehicles for your business.

We'll let you choose your van specification before delivery, ensuring you receive a van that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. We provide the option of bespoke van conversions too, so you can make sure your crew and equipment are transported safely, while a vehicle wrapping service is also available to ensure your vehicles look the part when on the road.

Once the van has done its job, we will take care of the disposal or re-sale. We look after everything throughout your van experience, from start to finish.

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Mobile Servicing

With mobile servicing, we bring regular maintenance to your business' front door. This ensures that any maintenance or warranty work can be carried out at a location that suits, saving you the time, fuel costs and hassle of having to transport vehicles to another site. You can even reduce your downtime significantly by having several vehicles serviced at the same time.

Our mobile servicing extends to tyres and glass too – our mobile units can come to your drivers and inspect (and, if necessary, replace) their tyres or windscreen at home or at your headquarters.

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How can telematics help manage your fleet?

The Pendragon Vehicle Management Telematics system has grown to be more than simply a fleet tracking system. It is an essential part of Zero Downtime, as our Telematics systems alert both you and us when your vehicle requires a service or emergency repair, enabling services and rental vehicles to be arranged in advance.

Our telematics system uses an electronic device fitted to your vehicles which transfers data about the vehicle to an online system. Additional functions such as a light bar can be used to provide real-time feedback to drivers when they turn, brake or accelerate harshly.

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Breakdown and Accident Support

Thanks to our collaboration with the AA, we are able to repair 80 percent of breakdowns at the roadside. With nationwide coverage, we typically reach your drivers within one hour, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, breakdown, or emergency vehicle fault, we will aim to provide a like-for-like vehicle within 2 to 4 hours.

With access to a huge fleet of rental vehicles, and over 2,000 rental locations across the UK, we can keep your business moving with minimum disruption.

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