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The Situation

This was an unusual request with the company requiring custom built vehicles for catering and multi-functional recycling tasks. Vehicles meeting the exact criteria were not widely available so the challenge was to design adapted bodies that would perform these specific tasks.

The Solution

Pendragon Vehicle Management consulted with the company and came up with a solution that proposed a short wheel base chassis cab version of a Ford Transit as the ideal platform, with a bespoke body build for each of the required variants.
The design for the multi-purpose recycling vehicle was specially adapted to incorporate a flat deck and caging above the sideboards, which greatly increased the vehicle’s capability for the bulk recycling collection of dry goods (cardboard etc).
The body design of the catering vehicles was customised to house six specially-sized roller cages, allowing the loading/unloading of palletised goods via the curtain side - never seen before on such a vehicle.
As the build progressed, the company introduced new requirements to the brief such as roll stops for the tail lift platforms, which Pendragon Vehicle Management delivered with ease and flexibility.

The Outcome

- Successful collaboration between Pendragon Vehicle Management, the suppliers and the client which resulted in:
- Purpose designed vehicles available on contract hire basis
- Lead times were minimised, with body conversions taking just three weeks

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