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The Situation

When Pendragon Vehicle Management first made contact with the company they were sourcing their vehicles via a broker. They were faced with some issues such as mileage and general organisation of the fleet.

The Solution

After meeting with one of our fleet team and after reviewing every aspect of the fleet, Pendragon Vehicle Management created a bespoke driver website for all Company vehicle drivers. After looking at alternative contract hire methods via Pendragon Vehicle Management, it was agreed that our Account Manager would assist them to ease the fleet out of their existing contracts and in to new contracts with Pendragon Vehicle Management.

The Outcome

As a result of working with Pendragon Vehicle Management the company now have a greater idea of which ‘greener' and more economical vehicles suit the business needs. They are very happy with the level of Customer Service.

At a glance improvements

- Improved driver communications
- Easier management of the fleet
- Cost control
- More consistency for all drivers

Bespoke Vehicles Case Study

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