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The Situation

Prior to our involvement the company sourced their fleet via a contract hire broker. This meant that drivers were on different terms and as a result as the fleet grew in size it became much more difficult to organise.  No fleet policy was in place and ownership for fleet within the company’s structure changed several times.

The Solution

Pendragon Vehicle Management worked with the company to plan, understand and shape a new driver policy based on five new bandings, each with a CO2 emissions cap. This approach will deliver long term cost savings, even in cases where the monthly rental is slightly higher. Pendragon Vehicle Management has taken over the Fleet Management of the existing fleet which means that all drivers receive the same levels of service and as they reach the end of their current contracts they will be transferred to new Pendragon vehicles.

The Outcome

To date, the company has been very happy with the new arrangement. As a result of the new policy, more structured approach and the customer service levels received it has been agreed that Pendragon Vehicle Management is the sole fleet supplier to the company.

At a glance improvements

- Cost savings
- Uniformity for drivers
- Enhanced green credentials
- Easier solution for the customer to manage
- Proactive Account Management
- Bespoke driver information website

Consolidated Fleet Case Study

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