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The Situation

Integration of three separate businesses into the company had resulted in the different company car policies. There was a need to streamline fleet management processes, vehicle policy and to deliver cost efficiencies. Another important issue for the company moving forward was to improve sustainability and safety standards.

The Solution

Pendragon Vehicle Management now manages the fleet policy based on a vehicle ‘whole life cost’ model.

The company switched from a mix of company cars, cash allowances and mileage payments to a new, consolidated scheme for all of its drivers. This new policy provides greater consistency and fairness for car users. A bespoke online quoting system was developed incorporating the ‘Car Flex’ system.

Employees are directed to a company-branded driver information centre, which provides the information they need to choose an appropriate car. The system includes all the benefit-in-kind tax rates and allows drivers to trade down and neutralise the personal tax liability.

The Outcome

- Estimated savings of £1million over three years
- Tailored solution developed to meet the specific demands of the company’s operations
- Improved control and visibility of costs
- Reduced environmental impact through car bands capped by CO2
- Consolidated policy - greater fairness for drivers

New Fleet Policy Case Study

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