Buy your vehicle

 As the end of the contract draws near you will be considering your options for future vehicle requirements. Before that time arrives and it is time to hand the keys back for this vehicle here's a thought...

Why not buy the vehicle that you are currently driving?

At Pendragon Vehicle Management we are able to offer great purchase prices on end of contract vehicles. Contact us and we'll give you a written competitive quote by return*

So what are the advantages of buying your contract vehicle?

  • You know the vehicle's history and that it has had only one owner, been serviced regularly and had accident damage repaired
  • By purchasing the vehicle any potential refurbishment costs will be avoided
  • You have access to buying the car at a competitive price (this means without any dealer margin added on to the price)

*Please note: if you're a company director you may not be able to purchase your vehicle at the end of its contract.  

Enquire about buying your vehicle