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What should I do if I want to take my car abroad?

Driving car abroad

If your vehicle is on a maintained contract with us, you can call our simple, one-call freephone number, and select option 3 to get a VE103 form to allow you to take the car abroad.
Driver helpline: Call us on 0800 581 639   

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The Pendragon Vehicle Management Guide to Driving Abroad

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Simple advice for driving abroad

High temperatures

The first issue is hot weather causing problems with your vehicle’s cooling system. This is vitally important to your car as it stops your car from overheating especially when gridlocked on motorways with all the other holidaymakers. Well before your trip you should check your vehicle’s coolant levels as well as looking out for leaky hoses.

The second item higher temperatures affect is tyre rubber. This issue is made worse by the tyres being under inflated. You should you check your tyres regularly and make sure they are inflated to the correct PSI to deal with the extra load you’ll be carrying in the car.

Watch your fuel consumption

When driving abroad in some places it will be sweltering and you will want to open your vehicle’s windows. This may seem a good idea at the time as it will give you a through draft, but it can cause extra drag to your car (especially at higher speeds) and will increase fuel consumption without you realising. Consider using your car’s air conditioning system, keep it to an appropriate level and turn it off when it is not needed.

In addition, remember if you are driving on a motorway network where you are permitted to drive a lot faster than in the UK (such as Germany’s Autobahn), be aware that your speed will dramatically effect your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Speed limits and speed cameras

Be aware of the speed limit in the countries you are driving through. In some European countries speed camera detectors are illegal and must be switched off. This ban includes the function on your sat-nav system so make sure it is disabled. To save yourself this hassle before your trip, research which countries you can and cannot use this device.

Insurance and breakdown cover

When driving abroad it is essential that you have the appropriate insurance and breakdown cover. Most standard insurance policies will cover drivers when driving in Europe, however some may not cover driving overseas. If you want to drive a leased car abroad it’s paramount that you have the necessary paperwork (a V103 form) in place.

It is essential that you check with your fleet manager about the extent of the breakdown cover. However, if you are with a leasing company this is normally covered.

Finally, remember to take your paper driving licence as well as your card.

Essential equipment

When driving abroad you may be required to carry equipment in your car that you may not need in the UK. By law some European countries require that drivers carry items ranging from a fire extinguisher to a first aid kit to headlamp deflectors.

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