Pendragon Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme

Attract, reward and retain the best employees 

A Pendragon Salary Sacrifice car scheme is the perfect employee benefit, offering complete convenience and savings over retail. Pendragon Let's Drive is a salary sacrifice scheme with no credit check and no upfront fee, why get a new car any other way?

As part of the group behind Evans Halshaw and Stratstone, we can offer your employees amazing corporate discounts on new cars and an all-inclusive fixed monthly price that includes tax, insurance, maintenance and more. This is paid before tax and national insurance, meaning there are plenty of savings to be had.

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How salary sacrifice works

Pendragon Let's Drive is an Optional Remuneration Arrangement which is a benefit scheme that enables employees to get a new car for an inclusive monthly payment that is deducted from their salary before tax. There are no credit checks required for the driver and no large up-front payment on the vehicle. A salary sacrifice vehicle is subject to company car tax, also known as Benefit-In-Kind.

This monthly payment includes: 

  • Fully comprehensive insurance,
  • road fund license,
  • MOT,
  • tyres,
  • servicing/maintenance, 
  • breakdown cover.

Why it's good for employees

Pendragon salary sacrifice enables your employees to get a brand new car, with a convenient monthly payment deducted from their salary before tax. 

There's no credit check, no up-front fee and no hassle: the monthly payment includes fully comprehensive insurance, servicing, MOT, road tax, breakdown cover and tyres at no extra cost. Drivers just need to add fuel.

If the driver chooses an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle the driver will only be charged the Benefit In Kind (BIK) on the vehicle, and save on the tax and national insurance that would have been due on the amount of salary sacrificed.

Why it's good for employers

A new car can help increase employee motivation, leading to improved productivity and retention.

Salary sacrifice is free to set-up and can enhance your green credentials. There is a positive impact on the environment as employees are encouraged to move away from older cars into new more fuel efficient vehicles.

A Pendragon salary sacrifice car scheme helps towards meeting duty of care obligations for drivers who use their own vehicles for business use. By providing your drivers with brand new, fully maintained vehicles equipped with the latest in vehicle safety and technology.

Charging a hybrid

Encourage your drivers to choose low/zero emission salary sacrifice vehicles

By choosing a low emission vehicle your drivers will only be charged the benefit-in-kind on the vehicle, providing savings for the amount of salary sacrificed.

Reasons to choose low or zero emission vehicles:

  • Employees can benefit from low BIK tax and National insurance rates
  • Reduced fuel consumption and the associated costs
  • Can help promote a positive corporate image
  • Reduces the impact on the environment, helping to improve air quality
  • Drivers gain exemption in many clear air zones and ultra low emission zones
  • Access to the latest innovative in car and battery technology increasing vehicle range


*Please note: The prices quoted are based on a 20% taxpayer with 3 year contract and 10,000 yearly mileage allowance. These prices were correct as of June 2021 but are subject to change depending on the contract details and driver's tax code.

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