Sell your vehicles to us and lease them back

An introduction to Sale and Leaseback

A sale and leaseback involves selling any existing vehicle you might have purchased outright to a leasing company, who will then lease them back to you at a fixed monthly rate.

The immediate benefit of this is the capital injection you get into the business from selling the vehicles, whilst still retaining the benefits of a company fleet. This enables you to invest in key projects you might be working towards, and benefit from the support and knowledge of a fleet management company.

As with contract hire, there are financial benefits from switching your vehicles to this method of funding, including easy budgeting, VAT recovery and the risk of depreciation is removed.

The benefits

Free up capital in your business

Get a cash injection that you can put toward other projects, and simple monthly fixed costs for easy budgeting.

Get an expert opinion

Proactive, unbiased advice on the best options for your fleet vehicles and the environment.

Upgrade your fleet

At the end of the lease, switch your vehicles to any brand of new car or van on a key-for-key basis, improving efficiency and removing vehicle disposal worries.

Get looked after

With expert advice on your fleet management options and whole life costs from our proactive

How to get in touch

To find out more about our Fleet Funding options call 01332 267 389 or email the team.

Should I purchase my vehicles outright?

"There’s definitely a place for purchasing your fleet vehicles, but leasing them gives you freedom and cost convenience. You can get brand new cars and vans without an upfront payment, allowing for easy monthly budgeting over a fixed term of your choosing and freeing up money for other business projects.

At the end of term, you can swap your vehicles for new ones and if you choose fleet management services, your convenient monthly fee will also include servicing, maintenance, roadside assistance and a 24 hour driver helpline, for peace of mind.

By leasing a vehicle, there’s no need for big capital expenditure, no need to source servicing and no hassle with replacing your vehicles."

From our article: How contract value can add value to your business

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