Business Contract Hire For Vans

An introduction to Business Contract Hire for vans

Contract Hire is an efficient way of funding commercial vans, with fixed monthly rentals on a brand new vehicle over a period of between 2-5 years, enabling your business to budget accurately and without having to worry about deprecation.

A fleet van lease is also tax-efficient as you can recover 100% of the VAT if the vehicle is used for business only. If you take out maintenance with us on the vehicle, you can also recover all of the VAT on this part of the rental.

By procuring your vans through Pendragon, we'll assist with vehicle selection, livery design and vehicle conversion, ensuring that the vehicle is fit for purpose. Once your contract hire term has ended, you can hand it back to us and we'll handle the disposal/re-sale of the vehicle, leaving you to simply choose which LCV you want next.

The benefits

Keep your fleet moving

We are leaders in downtime management and will take care of everything from breakdowns and maintenance to end-of-lease collection.

Get the right vehicles for your fleet, with a solution tailored to your business

As part of the UK's leading automotive group, we're able to utilise our purchasing power to get you any make or model of van and, as we're not bank or manufacturer owned, we can access a panel of funding suppliers to get the best price for you.

Get better value

Reduce costs with simple fixed monthly payments, plus tax and accounting benefits, freeing up capital in your business.


Eliminate end of contract damage charges

Lease hire vans can be subject to damage charges outside of the BVLRA's Fair Wear and Tear guidelines at the end of a contract, but by choosing R.E.D. Contract Hire, these charges go away.

We guarantee that for hard-working fleets, there will be no end of contract damage charges - in fact, you might even see a rebate.

Want to know more? Contact our team and ask them about R.E.D.

How to get in touch

To find out more about our outsourced administration options call 01332 267 389 to speak to one of our team.

We also handle vehicle conversions and livery

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