An Introduction to Risk Management

You have a legally obliged duty of care toward your employees, whether they are using company vehicles or their own vehicle for business use. Failure to be compliant with duty of care procedures could be detrimental to your business - in the event of a fatal accident the company will be liable if they cannot demonstrate due diligence was taken. With that in mind our risk solution is designed to protect your business from these threats.

Our risk management solution includes driver license checking, online driver assessment and online driver training, all of which will help proactively identify risks in your fleet operation.

The Benefits

Reduce risk in your fleet

A full audit including driver license checks, we'll provide recommendations that will help you reduce your legal, financial, and operational risks.

Keep your grey fleet compliant

Verify your driver's insurance and MOT when they drive their own vehicles on company business.

Get driver training

Through online and practical assessments, we'll provide in-depth training for 'at risk' drivers.

Protect your reputation

We'll help make sure that you know the risks and ensure you have the right policies in place so that you do everything you can to keep your drivers safe.

Reduce operational costs

We can help you reduce your fleet costs by changing driver behaviour and could help you reduce your company fuel bill by up to 15%.

Free up resources for other core business areas

Outsourcing risk management could help free up resources and allow more time to be spent on other business critical tasks.

The Products

Licence checking

Driving license validation

We'll check the legality of your driver's licenses so that you are fully insured in the event of an accident.

Online assesment

Online assessment and training

Assess your drivers to proactively identify risk and opportunities for driver training. Keep drivers updated with best practice and changes in the Highway Code and driving law with a cost effective and consistent approach to learning.

How to get in touch

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