An introduction to Outsourced Administration

Pendragon Vehicle Management specialise in outsourced fleet administration so you can get on with the tasks that matter.

Fleet outsourcing is an increasingly popular service by where a business outsources elements of their fleet administration to a third-party. This might include administration such as fines handling, accident management, maintenance or downtime.

Our dedicated team on hand to help you manage your fleet and administration. Pendragon Vehicle Management can be as involved as little or as much as you like and our team can cover all aspects of fleet support from vehicle administration through to driver communications.

The benefits

Our fleet services teams work like an internal fleet team – covering all aspects of fleet support tasks and services, from vehicle administration through to driver communications. We’ll help make sure that you know the risks, see where you can make savings and ensure you have the right policies in place to keep your fleet and drivers safe. We also provide a dedicated account manager to provide expert advice and detailed reporting on fleet performance.

We can do this through helping you:

  • With choosing the right vehicles
  • Consult on your current processes and look at where you can make savings 
  • Working with you on how you can improve your risk management 
  • Provide a ‘concierge’ level service for your drivers 
  • Look at the best options for looking after and maintaining your vehicles
  • Assist with handling fines and managing maintenance, breakdowns and MOTs helping to minimise downtime

get the right vehicle


Getting the right vehicles

  • We can arrange funding and manage your new vehicle orders.
  • Consult with you on which vehicle would be the right choice for your fleet.
  • Arrange and manage your vehicle deliveries and ‘in-Life’ movements. 
  • Consult on your existing fleet or take over the administration for a legacy fleet.
  • Arrange your car pool and company cars within your agreed bandings. 
  • Manage vehicle re-allocations when you have a new starter or leaver.
  • Help you design your optimal fleet policy. 

MOT Certificate.

Reducing risk

PVM can help you with your duty of care requirements by:

  • Completing audits of your drivers through driver licence checks.
  • Provide recommendations that will help you reduce your legal, financial, and operational risks. 
  • Provide online assessment and training for your drivers.
  • Keep your grey fleet compliant by verification of your driver’s insurance and MOT.
  • Protecting your reputation. 

Mobile Servicing

Looking after your vehicles

We are able to:

  • Handle fines and the processing of all fleet administration tasks.
  • Offer accident management to assist with breakdowns.
  • Arrange and manage maintenance, MOTs and servicing.
  • Consult on how to minimise downtime.
  • Provide a dedicated Account Manager.
  • Arrange a relief vehicle  in the instances one is needed.
  • Provide detailed reporting on fleet performance.

take care of drivers

Taking care of your drivers

PVM can provide assistance for your drivers 24 hours a day 365 days a year:

  • Dedicated driver helpline where driver can arrange:
  • Roadside assistance
  • Accident management
  • Service Booking, repair, MOT or arrange foreign travel
  • Tyre replacement and repair
  • Windscreen and glass replacement
  • Replacement/relief vehicles arranged through Daily Hire
  • Maintenance control

How to get in touch

To find out more about how we can tailor an outsourced administration package for your business call 01332 267 389 or email the team.