Forterra Go Green With a Fully Electrified Car Fleet From PVM

13th May 2021

Working with Forterra PLC

Working alongside Pendragon Vehicle Management (PVM), Forterra are projected to reduce their company car CO2 emission average by more than half in the next four years in their drive towards net-zero.

Forterra’s sustainable values are one of their main overarching strategic objectives, so the decision to move away from ICE vehicles and focus on PHEV and EV vehicles for their company cars is a natural choice. The ongoing relationship with PVM has allowed Forterra to give a greater choice to their employees when it comes to low emission vehicles.

PVM has been supplying Forterra with their lease vehicles since 2015 and have recently signed a new sole supply agreement which provides a great platform for PVM to continue to grow the great relationship with Forterra whilst also giving Forterra a deal which offers them great value.

Working closely with the Procurement Team at Forterra, PVM modelled a number of solutions to reduce emissions. Various ideas were put forward before the final decision was taken, which sees Forterra opt to go Full Electric and Plug-In Hybrid only, a decision which commits the company to move away from ICE cars entirely. Driver feedback has been positive with the new scheme giving drivers the opportunity to trade in their high emission diesels and replace them with a low emission, tax friendly alternative.

Andrew Palframan (PVM Account Manager), who worked on and developed this project with Forterra, commented: "I am really impressed with the ethos of the Forterra team, their ideas and feedback throughout have been to push a green agenda, but also to ensure that drivers were being looked after with increased choice where possible.

The scheme was always designed around reducing emissions and moving forward towards reaching their net-zero target. Working alongside the Procurement Team to design and launch has shown me that as a company they are forward-thinking with a modern outlook and a willingness to take risk in order to push their sustainability vision. Personally, I am really looking forward to continuing the relationship with Forterra over the next few years and beyond and to help them achieve their sustainability goals."

With more and more low emission cars being added to the lists each month, there continues to be even greater choice for drivers and assists in expediting Forterra’s journey to net-zero emissions.

Marcus Dixey, Head of Procurement at Forterra PLC, commented; "Forterra wants to be a leading sustainable and responsible business, achieving net-zero carbon by 2050 across our operations. Reviewing our company vehicle fleet was an obvious area where we could reduce our carbon impact, but the challenge was to provide our employees with suitable vehicles in a developing marketplace.

Working closely with PVM, we have been able to not only significantly reduce our carbon impact but actually improve the offering and choice to our employees, so a double win."

About Forterra PLC

Forterra is a leading manufacturer of a diverse range of clay and concrete building products used extensively within the construction sector, and employs over 1,800 people across 18 manufacturing facilities in the UK.

It is the second-largest brick and aircrete block manufacturer in the country and the only producer of the iconic London Brick. Other trusted brands from Forterra include Thermalite, Conbloc, Ecostock, Butterley, Cradley, Red Bank, Bison Precast, Jetfloor and Formpave.