Vital Energi found to be PVM’s most sustainable fleet 

27th Apr 2021

Pendragon Vehicle Management (PVM) recently undertook an audit of our clients who had taken delivery of 20 or more cars over the previous year. Vital Energi topped the league table of sustainable performers by coming in with an average of 20.7 Co2 g/km. The average for similar sized clients was 85.2 Co2 g/km.

Vital Energi’s fleet has distinguished itself as one of the greenest around after emissions from their vehicles were found to be less than 25% of other organisations.

Fleet Manager, Paul Carberry explains, “We are helping to decarbonise cities, campuses and developments through our energy generation and energy conservation projects and it’s great that we can contribute, as a company, to reduce the carbon emissions of our company fleet.

“We were early adopters of low emission petrol and diesel vehicles, then mild hybrids in 2009, plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV’s) vehicles in 2014 and more recently, in 2019, battery electric vehicles (BEV’s), which can be charged by the Solar PVs at our Blackburn headquarters. By constantly being at the cutting edge of technology, coupled with choosing sustainable behaviours, we are able to outperform other similar organisations and contribute to the UK meetings its carbon targets.

Over 70% of Vitals’ current fleet are either BEV’s or PHEV’s, which give the fleet average emissions of 48.21 Co2 g/km.  With another 95% of the 21 vehicles that are currently in the order bank being BEV’s or PHEV’s, the fleet is only set to become greener in the future and will continue to position Vital Energi at the forefront in the UK’s journey towards net zero.

Having supplied their fleet vehicles for the past ten years PVM have a strong relationship with Vital Energi, also recently entering into a Solus Agreement for the next four years.

Michael Telford, Customer Relationship Manager for Vital Energi commented, “The statistics showing the ongoing reduction in Vital Energi’s average car Co2 values illustrate that the company is putting the environment at the forefront of their fleet considerations whilst providing a highly attractive scheme for their drivers.  Over the course of the 10 years that Vital Energi and Pendragon have been in partnership, Vital have always been early adopters of new and lower emission vehicles and we look forward to seeing the progress this fleet continues to make over the years to come.”

Source: Paul Carberry, Group Fleet & Facilities Manager at Vital Energi

Vital Energi

About Vital Energi

Vital Energi is the UK’s leading innovator in efficient energy provisions, designing, building, operating and maintaining market-leading low carbon energy solutions such as energy centres and district heating & cooling networks.

As one of the first companies to provide green energy systems in the United Kingdom, Vital Energi have a history in developing quality solutions that continue to contributed towards environmental prosperity and customer satisfaction, placing sustainability at the heart of all of their operations. 

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