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Driving Abroad

What you need to know before driving in a different country

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What should I do if I want to take my car abroad?

If your vehicle is on a maintained contract with us, you can contact one of our team, who will be able to source a VE103 for you. While forms are posted out first-class delivery, we advise that you request the forms at least 3 weeks before you travel to ensure they arrive in time.

Some countries have different driving requirements, with some making it compulsory to carry certain items in your vehicle. Make sure you know exactly what to expect and what you need to take with you by having a look at our tips below.

What do I need to take when driving abroad?

Different countries have different regulations, so you will need to check the exact requirements for the country you intend to drive in. As a minimum, you can expect to take:

  • Your passport (with a minimum of 6 months left from your date of travel)
  • A full and valid driving licence
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Your motor insurance certificate and insurance contact details
  • VE103 or V5 documents
  • UK symbol - this can be displayed as a sticker if your car does not have the UK symbol on its number plate.
  • Credit cards - make sure to check for any fees with the credit card company if used abroad.

If you are travelling within a non-EEA country, you will need other documents such as a Green Card and an International Driving Permit to ensure you abide by the laws for that country.

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