Could Rental Vehicles Help Businesses Stay On The Road?

09th Jun 2021

Outlining the benefits of rentals

The current shortage of semiconductors could potentially disrupt global car and van manufacture further, causing delays and increased lead times for new vehicles. Have you got plans in place to mitigate the effect this may have on your fleet?

You will have no doubt seen or heard across the news that there is a global semiconductor shortage, and you may already be experiencing delivery delays and long lead times for new vehicle deliveries. This shortage has been caused by a surge in demand during the pandemic and a fire at a key supplier factory in Japan.

Some of the latest updates from The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) cite that the global shortage of semiconductors could see fleets continue to see vehicle orders affected. More manufacturers could be announcing delivery delays, and even some additional temporary factory closures may occur.

Is this shortage likely to impact your business, and have you got plans in place to cover any delayed vehicle deliveries?

Have you considered rental vehicles?

Business vehicle rental is an easy and convenient way to ensure that you avoid vehicle downtime or vehicle order delays, impacting the running of your fleet and other company vehicles.

If you are waiting on new vehicle orders to be confirmed or have already found that your plans have been disrupted, rental vehicles can help temporarily close the gap. There are flexible packages that can be customised to get your business through this uncertain period.

Reasons to consider rental

  • Access to a huge pool of vehicles across the UK, with types of vehicle to suit every need.
  • The ability to hire for as long as you require, from just one day up to six months and longer, helping you reduce downtime and plug any gaps in your fleet.
  • Convenient and hassle-free with vehicles delivered to the address of your choice.
  • Comprehensive online booking systems make managing your bookings easier.
  • Highly competitive fixed rates, with customisable and all-inclusive rental packages available to suit your particular needs.
  • One-way hires are often available with free unlimited mileage on short term rentals, helping to keep your fleet on the road.