Top 5 Most Popular Fleet Vans

10th Apr 2019

Five vans to choose from

The importance of a good van is unmeasurable. You trust it is reliable, useful, and it can get the job done. However, with innovations in technology, the van market is more competitive than ever, so we have come up with a list of our five most popular vans.

Vauxhall Movano

The Vauxhall Movano range offers a vast amount of choice and personalisation, which is one of the many reasons it makes the list of our most popular fleet vans.

The Movano shares the same platform as the Renault Master and Nissan NV400, which at first glance look rather similar. The front end and grille area are where you start to see individuality and this becomes even more apparent with the Vauxhall badge and styling which are seen across their car and van range.

The Movano is also quite large, being the next size up from the Vivaro featured in this list. This means that its economy is obviously lower, but around 35mpg is still respectable for such a large van. Servicing is also the usual two-year period.

Ford Transit

City streets, motorways, country roads; wherever work takes you, the Ford Transit will take you in comfort. There is a range of innovative technologies to make driving and parking easier. The parking sensors and systems in place can alert you to obstacles and pedestrians in the road, warn you if you begin to stray out of your lane, and even monitor your driving behaviour to detect any changes. It is definitely a case of working smarter, not harder.

As well as being built tough, Transit is also designed to make working life easier. You will find a wide range of ingenious features, such as clever stowage ideas and seats that can provide a desk top. You can also use voice control to make and take calls on the move thanks to SYNC technology. So, while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, you can do business on the move.

A range of all-new Ford EcoBlue 2.0 litre TDCi engines offer increased power and torque and, at the same time, deliver improved fuel economy and lower emissions. In addition, they already meet strict Euro Stage 6 emissions legislation. Combined with technologies that include Smart Regenerative Charging, Acceleration Control and Auto-Start-Stop, Transit is designed to minimise your fuel bills, lower your cost of ownership, and maximise the return on your valuable investment.

Ford Transit Connect

Every feature and technology in the Ford Transit Connect is designed to maximise the efficiency of your business, and make your driving as easy as possible.

Advanced technologies can constantly assist you, with some responding automatically, so you do not have to worry about turning on headlights, or switching on wipers. In short, this is a van built to help you. By combining smart, contemporary design, and advanced technologies that serve your needs, Transit Connect is both an efficient commercial vehicle and a practical, comfortable office on wheels.

Clever stowage and ergonomic design ensure that you will always feel comfortable working and travelling in the Transit Connect. Ford Easy-Fuel makes it almost impossible to put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, because the wrong nozzle simply will not fit. Even better, as Ford Easy-Fuel is a capless system, you will never have to handle a dirty fuel cap again.

Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vauxhall Vivaro is a fantastic work horse, which has been around for a number of years, acquiring many loyal customers over its lifetime.

The Vivaro has the largest load area in its class, as well as having outstanding build quality - which incidentally is perhaps the best across the van market. The Vivaro also has a superbly refined engine and comfortable ride - not bad for a typical commercial vehicle. The Vivaro range features many economical variations of its 1.6-litre diesel engine, which returns between 40-50mpg.

Service intervals extend the attractive running costs, as the Vivaro only needs to be serviced every two years or 25,000 miles - whichever comes first. Styling is that of a typical panel van, with the obvious Vauxhall look added to the front of the Vivaro, yet the interior has been given a much more comforting feel with useful additions such as docking facilities for smartphones and tablets, as well as cruise control, and the option of an arm rest and trim upgrades depending on your preference.

Citroën Berlingo

With its three rear seats, its many storage spaces and its excellent capacity, the Extenso cab is flexible as needed. The fold-down side seat frees up a surprising amount of available length (up to 3m for L1 and 3.25m for L2 size) to load and transport the bulkiest of objects and accessories such as rails, pipes, planks, battens and ladders. The side passenger seat can also be put in the cinema position: the seat folded up against the back for transporting high loads directly in the cab. The fold-down back of the central seat can be used as a mobile desk thanks to its writing panel.

Citroën Berlingo is fitted with new BlueHDi engines equipped with the most efficient diesel emission control technology on the market. They meet the new Euro 6 regulations, and its efficiency is thanks to the improvement in their internal performance and reduction in mechanical losses due to friction.