Pendragon deliver electric vans to Lodge Tyres

Pendragon Vehicle Management (PVM) is pleased to have helped Lodge Tyres become more environmentally-friendly by delivering eight electric Renault Kangoo vans to the Midlands-based tyre firm.

Lodge Tyres reduces annual fleet costs

Lodge Tyres chose PVM as their supplier thanks to the attentiveness, market knowledge and skill set of Lewis, account manager at PVM. PVM were considered a front-runner in the provision of electric vehicles throughout the review process.

Using their Fleet Calculator tool, which takes into account a business's existing fleet, mileage and trips taken to see if they have the best vehicles for their requirements, PVM – with assistance from Renault UK - revealed that the Kangoo was the best van for Lodge Tyres.

The use of the Kangoo vans will save Lodge Tyres an estimated £20,000 annually in fuel costs and tax.

electric vans

Reduced cost and CO2 emissions

Jon Hilton, Head of Sales at PVM, commented:

"PVM are firmly committed to reducing our CO2 levels and are excited about the potential of electric vehicles. Our team members are encouraged to make the transition to electric vehicles, whilst we also want to help other firms become more environmentally friendly. The use of electric vans not only vastly reduces a firm's CO2 output, it also cuts costs.

By delivering electric vans to firms such as Lodge Tyres, we can help them comply with the BVRLA's Road to Zero strategy and avoid the government ULEZ fines that will become active in London in April of this year. We’re very much open for business on electric vehicles".

Andy Wills, Group Fleet Manager from Lodge Tyres, commented:

“Lodge Tyres are environmentally friendly and are committed to going fully electric in the future. The acquisition of electric vans is an important step in this direction, and for this we are grateful to PVM and Renault UK for their recommendation and delivery of the Renault Kangoo vans".

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