The Government announce air quality plan to reduce roadside Nitrogen Dioxide

Pendragon Vehicle Management (PVM) is delighted to announce it has rebranded its new car benefit scheme.

Pendragon Let's Drive is the new name for PVM's employee new car benefit scheme, replacing the SimplyDriveIt brand. The rebrand rejuvenates Pendragon Vehicle Management's employee benefit scheme with a fresh new look and a focus on low tax and low emission vehicles, targeted at the users who most benefit from a salary sacrifice car.

Drivers can enjoy a hassle-free experience with Pendragon Let's Drive, with no credit-check, no deposit and an all-inclusive fixed monthly rental that includes fully comprehensive insurance, full maintenance with tyres, AA breakdown cover and road tax. Furthermore, to celebrate the launch of the rebranded scheme,

Pendragon Vehicle Management are offering £25-a-month off vehicle rentals until 28th February 2018. Coupled with the recent clarifications from HMRC around how the tax treatment is applied, there are significant savings for drivers to take advantage of.

For employers, Pendragon Let's Drive can help attract, reward and retain employees by enabling them to access the latest models; drivers can get a particular brand and model which may have previously been out of reach. There's no cost to implement the scheme and there's significantly reduced administration, especially when compared to an Employee Car Ownership scheme.

Pendragon Let's Drive is also ideal for companies offering cash allowances, giving them an online platform they can share with employees so that they can choose the vehicle that best suits them.

Christopher Palmer, Head of Marketing for Pendragon Vehicle Management, commented:

"Pendragon Let's Drive refreshes the SimplyDriveIt product in line with the shifting market and we hope that the consumer rebrand attracts more drivers into choosing a modern, greener car, while taking advantage of all the convenience an Optional Remuneration Arrangement vehicle offers.

"We invite new partners to talk to us about how Pendragon Let's Drive can work in their organisation and help them attract, reward and retain the best employees."

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