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Pendragon Vehicle Management is transforming the rental marketplace by offering its customers a truly flexible rental solution, filling the gap between daily rental and contract hire.

Launching today, RentalPlus is a fresh option for fleet operators requiring a vehicle for up to 24 months, typically offering the benefits of contract hire such as selecting mileages by reservation and make or model instead of a vehicle group, but with the flexibility of daily rental by giving customers the option of returning vehicles after an agreed minimum period.

Rental Plus will be tailored towards the customer's individual needs by providing them with a solution that is entirely appropriate for their business. The package is ideal for requirements such as pre-contract vehicles, new starters serving probation, pool fleet alternatives, fixed term projects and expansion development at low risk.

Churning the fleet every 18-24 months, RentalPlus provides customers with the assurance of no downtime during mid-term for vehicle changeovers, guaranteeing that the customer can keep the same vehicle for the life of the hire. This results in a reduction in the number of damage claims and excess mileage charges, which can usually be a problem for flexi hire customers. Mileage allowances can range from 1,000 to 2,500 per month and stock vehicles can be delivered nationwide with minimal notice. RentalPlus also offers peace of mind with prices inclusive of delivery and collection, accident management and roadside assistance.

Chris Mangan, Head of Rental at Pendragon Vehicle Management, comments:

"Businesses requiring short-term hire can now have the option of a more tailored, flexible package, providing customers with exactly what they want at competitive pricing. RentalPlus, we believe, will revitalise the rental market.

"We recognise that business requirements for flexi hire will continue to play an ever growing part of fleet procurement, so we have therefore carved something unique and vibrant into what has typically been a very rigid service, fraught with the historic frustrations of downtime and expensive damage recharges."

RentalPlus is available now. To find out more, visit the RentalPlus page or contact us.