Do your fleet operations leave a lot to be desired? Do your drivers constantly encounter problems, or do you dread the day you have to plough through mountains of spreadsheets to create a report on your fleet? If the answer is 'yes', then it's probably a good time to review your fleet operations. With the right fleet provider for your needs, fleet operations don't have to be stressful.

We take a look at the top 12 fleet problems and offer advice on what you should look for in a fleet supplier to help find a solution.

1. My fleet supplier is becoming too complacent

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Does your fleet supplier still go the extra mile to deliver the best possible service or do they just keep things ticking over, waiting for orders? A forward thinking fleet company will be proactive, constantly looking for new ways to improve their products and services and using new technologies to work smarter and faster.

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2. My company car choice list is out of date

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If your company car choice list leaves your drivers feeling flat and undervalued, then it's time for a change. A revamped choice list could result in drivers paying less benefit in kind, allowing access to cars with a higher specification and improved fuel economy. Diesel engines no longer need to be the default option, with small petrol engines becoming much for fuel and emission efficient.

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3. My drivers aren't fully aware of their responsibilities

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How much do your drivers really understand about your fleet policy? As a minimum, they should understand the basics, such as your policy for hands-free calls, what counts as fair wear and tear and what to do in an emergency. A fleet provider should assist with driver communications, providing handy resources online as well as a helpline number.

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4. There are gaps in emergency support for drivers

Car crash in middle of road crossing
Your drivers may have access to emergency helpline numbers, but it's important to understand what really happens out of hours. Will all drivers be provided with a relief vehicle immediately? Are they covered for accident management?

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5. I'm juggling more than one hire company

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Many companies access a panel of contract hire companies to order on a 'cheapest price wins' basis. However, placing your business with just one company may provide better economies of scale. Using one supplier will also cut down on fleet administration and provide a consistent service for all of your drivers.

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6. I'm not on top of our fuel reimbursement policy

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Your provider should offer fleet managers an online log in, which delivers a comprehensive suite of reports relating to fuel card usage and other features of your fleet system. It is also useful to set up notifications to alert you of unauthorised activity.

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7. Our car choice list isn't saving us money

MINI Cooper Hatch
As the selection of vehicles in your choice list has a huge effect on your costs, it may be tempting to provide an open choice list to appeal to drivers but reducing the number of manufacturers could help to negotiate attractive support terms.

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8. I'm taking unnecessary risks regarding duty of care

Paper and photocard driving licence
It's important to have systems in place to help identify and support 'at risk' drivers. Telematics system have proved to be unpopular for company cars, but there are low cost alternatives available such as online assessment, web based training and driver licence checking.

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9. I'm paying too much for reconditioning charges

Tyre and alloys
If your leased vehicles have demanding lives, this could lead to high costs for refurbishment. However, alternative arrangements can be set in place to alleviate refurbishment costs.

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10. I'm worried I'm choosing inappropriate contract profiles

Calendar dates
Choosing the right contract length can be tricky - in a three year contract, a lot can change in that time. If it does, excess mileage charges, unexpected maintenance bills, early terminations and vehicle downtime are just some of the problems which may arise. Taking a fresh look at your options with a knowledgeable fleet provider could be time well spent.

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11. I currently purchase vehicles instead of leasing

Ford Mondeo
Although you may have always purchased your company vehicles, leasing fleet vehicles is actually a very viable option and a simple process. Existing purchased vehicles can be switch to contract hire through a 'sale and leaseback'. As a cheaper way to fund vehicles, benefits also include the transfer of residual risk to the leasing company and an injection of cash back into the business. Fleet management can also be outsourced, letting your company get on with core activities.

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12. I'm doing too much unnecessary fleet admin

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Drowning in spreadsheets or being kept in the dark about your fleet statistics? You should have access to an online log in portal to view details of your fleet, order new vehicles, reallocate vehicles and download a suite of monthly reports, all from the comfort of your desk.

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