Vehicle maintenance should be on the top of every drivers list, particularly those operating commercial vehicles, and ensuring your van or commercial vehicle is ready for the road is something that is often overlooked.

Whilst HGV operations are governed by various bodies and controlled by regulations, there is far less legislation surrounding the upkeep of vans.

A daily van check will benefit both driver and employer while emphasising the importance of daily vehicle checks, as this is something that requires more attention. Mistakes on the road can be costly, so ensuring a suitable compliance process is in place is vital.

The FTA's (Freight Transport Association ) Van Excellence is a scheme featuring a code of practise that specifically requires the completion of daily pre-use checks, taking the worry out of remembering. Members of the scheme must prove they have a structure in place for drivers to record their recognised defects, and that any repairs are planned and carried out.

There are certain key areas that require the most attention when carrying out daily checks. These include: tyres, lights, steering, breaks and mirrors. Checks of those areas can be carried out quickly and efficiently before setting off on any journey, and give the reassurance that the van is roadworthy and fit for travel.

Know your driver

Although usual checks are made throughout a business before drivers can proceed with any job involving commercial vehicles, it is still advised that all drivers licenses should be checked periodically, also any medical conditions which could affect current and future ability to drive should be declared. Making sure pre-use checks are part of a daily routine should be of the utmost importance. Simple vehicle defects can not only be hazardous but they can also incur points on your driving license.

Policies around the use of mobile phones, eating whilst driving and keeping your dashboard clean and tidy are other important elements that should be built into driver policies.

Did you know?

  • Paperwork on the dashboard which could potentially obstruct your view could lead to a fine of £50
  • Empty windscreen washer fluid carries a £50 fixed penalty fine.
  • Bald tyre could mean a £100 fixed penalty and 3 points on your license.

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Pendragon Vehicle Management are a member of the Freight Transport Association's Van Excellence scheme, which has a code of conduct that requires the use of daily vehicle checks, and can help support your commercial vehicle fleet. Find out how we can help with your fleet - call 01332 267 389 or email the team.

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