Changes made to the Plug-in Van Grant

16th Mar 2022

Electric Van on charge

Did you know that plug-in van and truck grants have been extended with new eligibility criteria?

The Government is extending availability of the Plug-in Van and Truck Grants for a further two years, ensuring fleets can benefit from them until at least 2024/25.

The headlines: 

  • plug-in van and truck grants extended for 2 years as government goes further and faster to decarbonise transport
  • drivers with standard licences can continue driving electric goods vans at a higher weight limit, making it easier for businesses to make the switch
  • comes ahead of 2030 phase-out of new petrol and diesel cars and vans as part of net zero commitment

The move was confirmed in an announcement by the Department for Transport (DfT) who have it also outlined new eligibility criteria. From April 1, the threshold to claim the small truck grant of up to £16,000 will be increased from 3.5 tonnes to 4.25 tonnes. Vans up to 4.25 tonnes will be able to claim the large van grant of up to £5,000.  

The Government will continue to allow drivers holding standard car driving licences to drive electric goods vans at a higher weight limit, up to 4.25 tonnes (compared to a 3.5-tonne limit for diesel vans). The change to the Category B regulations is designed to allow for the extra weight of the battery.

It also confirmed that dealers will be able to submit orders for vehicles currently eligible and impacted by this change at the higher grant rate until 31 March 2022, subject to the 250-unit annual limit not being reached.

For more information take a look at the Government announcement here.


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