5 reasons why Let's Lease is right for you

6TH AUG 2018

If your company offers your employees a cash allowance, has staff that doesn’t qualify for a company car or you are simply considering offering a new company benefit, then Let’s Lease may be for you. Here’s five reasons why:

Let's Lease car benefit scheme

1) No company car tax

Let’s Lease is a car benefit scheme where you can offer your employees a brand new car on a personal contract hire agreement. The benefit of this is that there’s no company car tax to pay and no need to worry about early terminations should the employee leave the business.

2) Choice and convenience

The scheme is completely free for your business to set-up and there’s significantly less administration involved compared to salary sacrifice and ECO schemes. With Let’s Lease, all you have to do is launch the scheme, whereas salary sacrifice for instance requires each order checking to ensure that employees’ salaries don’t fall beneath the national minimum wage.

For employees, they’ll make convenient monthly rentals that allow for easy budgeting. These rentals also include Road Tax, which is one less thing they’ll need to worry about arranging. At the end of the contract, the employee can hand the vehicle back and simply choose a new car.

The choice of vehicle on offer is also much greater than what you might find in a traditional company car scheme. Let’s Lease includes over 20 manufacturers to choose from.

3) Go green

Let’s Lease offers your employees the opportunity to get a brand new car. New cars feature the latest in fuel efficiency technology, making them cleaner than ever before - particularly as manufacturer strive to hit emission targets and improve the technology further with the introduction of the WLTP.

By actively promoting greener vehicles to your employees, you can help project a greener image.

4) Duty of care

If an employee uses their own car for business then there is a grey fleet risk to your business. By introducing Let’s Lease, you can encourage your staff into a brand new car that comes with all of the latest safety technology such as automatic braking systems and lane-departure assist.

These new gadgets are becoming increasingly commonplace in vehicles, often fitted as standards as manufacturers compete to attract new customers to their brands.

Let’s Lease works particularly well when combined with our risk management program, where you can ensure that your drivers are fit to drive for your business.

5) Recruitment, retention and motivation

Benefits are increasingly becoming a point of differentiation when attracting new employees to a business – and, in the face of rising benefit-in-kind tax on company cars, Let’s Lease presents an affordable alternative whilst still enabling employees to get a new car.

A well-communicated, well-launched Let’s Lease scheme can help make employees more motivated in their work, and feel valued.

Our team would love to talk to you about launching Let’s Lease in your business – get in touch here.