Electric vehicles are now available to hire through Rental Plus, our unique flexible mid to long term rental service.

Pendragon Vehicle Management are pleased to now be able to offer electric vehicles through out Rental Plus product. Rental Plus is our unique Flexi-Hire service which enables you to hire vehicles for 3 months+ while providing your business with an eco-friendly solution with short term electric vehicle rental. It's very quick and easy set-up and with free delivery, we can get you on the road in no time. Our new electric options can provide practical and affordable, environmentally conscious mobility solutions for your business.

Why should you choose electric hire vehicles?

Driving an electric vehicle allows you to be as environmentally friendly as possible, as these vehicles produce zero CO2 emissions and are run completely on electricity there can be significant savings to running costs in comparison to their diesel and petrol counterparts. Hiring electric vehicles for your business could not only save you money but it could also improve your business reputation, all while offering great performance, outstanding fuel economy and exceptional environmental, awareness. Why wouldn't you choose electric?

The benefits of electric vehicles:

  • Offering a quieter, more enjoyable and relaxed driving experience.
  • All electric cars have instant torque, which means as you hit the accelerator you’ll get an instant response and surge of speed from the car.
  • Electric vehicles can be cheaper to maintain as they are designed to be efficient as possible with little stress on the motor and fewer moving parts susceptible to damage.
  • Highly fuel-efficient and generally cheaper to run than their fully petrol and diesel equivalents.
  • Exempt from Clean Air Zones (CAZ), Low Emissions Zones (LEZ) and London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).
  • Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions making them greener, cleaner and better for the environment than their petrol or diesel car counterparts.
  • Access the latest in-vehicle technology and the the latest in battery technology.
  • Improve your businesses reputation and meet corporate responsibility goals by choosing low emission vehicles.

Things to consider when hiring electric

An electric vehicle is not necessarily a practical choice for every business just yet. There are several considerations that need to be taken into account such as intended usage, driving range and functionality in bad weather like snow and sub-zero temperatures. To determine the right hire choices are for your business it is best to seek advice, but it could be useful to consider the following:

Usage - What type of journeys will your vehicle need to be used for? Short hops around towns and cities where charge points are plenty or longer journeys? If short city journeys are the majority of your business travels then electric vehicles are perfect. More and more electric vehicles are increasing their range and battery capabilities so motorway jaunts are not impossible either. However it is important to identify exactly what you need from your vehicles and how you intend them to be used before looking at the different types available.

Charging and access to charge points - Are there going to be charging facilities at your drivers’ destinations or along their routes? Do your drivers have charge points or access to public ones locally? If electric vehicles are going to be a permanent feature within your business going forward it might be a good idea to look into installing workplace charging units. The currently offers a Workplace Charging Scheme for you may qualify. To check if you can apply take a look at their guidance online.

Time to charge - Is there enough time in driver schedules to factor in the time it takes to recharge when necessary? Charging times can vary, depending on the power of the charging system in your vehicle of choice. Thee quickest options would be DC rapid chargers that can give an 80% charge in around 40 minutes. Most workplace or home charging units with a 7kW source will take anywhere between 5 and 10 hours to charge and an 80% charge using a public 50kW or 100kW rapid charger, can currently take between 40 and 60 minutes.

Vehicle Range - Most new electric vehicles can manage a range of between 190 to 300 miles range depending on the make, model and size of the vehicle. There are ways to maximum your vehicles range such as planning journeys and access to the public charging, anticipating the road ahead to avoid harsh acceleration and braking, considering how and when to use the heating and air conditioning and understanding and using the vehicle’s eco-mode or features.

Vehicle availability - Are you looking to hire a specific electric vehicle? Not all models are currently available through our Rental Plus product but we can work with you to choose an alternative that is suitable. We are also working on expanding the range of electric and hybrid vehicles on offer so check back for updates!

Fully Electric vs. Hybrid - Each of these types of vehicle has its own pros and cons, based upon its capability, maintenance, and intended use. Electric vehicle are no doubt perfect for cities and short journeys. Range is usually the largest worry when it comes to electric vehicles but continual improvements in battery technology are now making that less and less of a concern. The average car journey is around 21 miles, so the majority of us won’t need an electric vehicle that can go 300+ miles on a single charge. But if you’re still concerned about range, charging capabilities and would be looking to take longer journeys with heavier loads then it may be that a plug-in hybrid is the best option for you.

Are maintenance and insurance included -  with our Rental Plus product, Yes, service, maintenance and breakdown are included. So you would not have to worry if anything were to happen while you had hired a vehicle, we would be able to provide a replacement within 4 hours. 

What is Rental Plus?

Rental Plus is our unique flexible mid- to long term rental service. Customers can take advantage of substantially reduced rates compared to daily rental and can enjoy free delivery of a vehicle under 6 months old with Bluetooth and Satellite Navigation guaranteed. 

Why choose a Rental Plus car?

  • A cost-effective alternative to pool cars
  • Ideal for new starters in probationary periods
  • To support short-term projects or to supplement an existing fleet
  • As lead in vehicles for employees awaiting delivery of a company car
  • For temporary staff or contractors requiring an interim vehicle
  • Emergency vehicles when yours are off the road 
PVM can work with you to find the right electric vehicle options that suit your business. With our Rental Plus offering together we can determine which low emission options work best for your operation, can supplement your fleet and offer great performance, outstanding fuel economy and exceptional environmental awareness.  

Which electric vehicles are available?

BMW i3

BMW i3
135kW S 42kWh 5dr Auto
Fuel Type: Electric
Transmission Type: Automatic
Body Style: Hatchback
Doors: 5
Seats: 4
CO2 Emissions: 0 g/km
Electric Range: 160 miles

Includes: Satellite navigation | Rear parking sensors | Cruise control | Reversing camera | Heated front seats | Panoramic glass roof | Electrically folding, auto dimming, adjustable and heated door mirrors | Virtual cockpit | Apple CarPlay and Android Auto | Bluetooth | Remote pre-conditioning | Voice control | 10.25" Multimedia touch-screen | 20" BMW i Jet Black double spoke style alloy wheels | Privacy glass


The BMW i3, what to expect

BMW has revamped their compact i3 to add additional range and improve on it's impressive performance and clever carbon fibre and aluminium construction. 

Pottering about town or short motorway journeys are generally a joy in an i3. Comfortable, quiet, capable, surprisingly urgent, and with great visibility the i3 is a great ride even on quite large wheels. It also has a decent turning circle, is amazingly responsive and is remarkably easy to park.

The BMW i3 uses a synchronous electric motor with a single gear drawing from a lithium-ion high-voltage battery with a capacity of 94Ah (33kWh). This sees great power delivery with 170hp, peak torque of 184lb ft and 0-62mph in 7.3 with a top speed of 93mph. The i3 handles very neatly, feeling secure and enabling you to leap ahead and tuck into traffic quickly and safely.

Inside there is seating for four, easy access via the rear doors and decent boot space. The interior has finish that reflects this premium brands styling with upmarket materials, including exposed strips of carbon fibre, and appealing wooden trims. The i3's dashboard is very logically laid out and the controls for the air conditioning are within easy reach, it also boasts a market leading infotainment system that is super easy to use with razor-sharp graphics.

As standard you get DC Rapid Charge preparation and Fast charging AC multi-phase capability. This enables a charging capability of up to 150 kW DC allowing the use of Ultra fast charging stations. These stations will allow the i3 to charge to 80% battery capacity in 40 minutes. You will need 6 hours charging time with the 7kW source most used for home and work charging units or 19 hours for a 3-pin plug home charge. The average range on a full charge sits somewhere between 160 and 130 miles dependant on driving style and conditions.

Overall the BMW i3's bold styling, performance and go-kart handling is what makes this car popular with hire customers looking for a zero emission city car that's unbelievably fun.

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron
300kW 55 Quattro 95kWh Launch Edition 5dr Auto
Fuel Type: Electric
Transmission Type: Automatic
Body Style: SUV
Doors: 4
Seats: 5
CO2 Emissions: 0 g/km
Electric Range: 237 miles

Includes: 21” Alloy wheels | Satellite navigation | Front and rear parking sensors | Adaptive cruise control | Reversing camera | Leather upholstery | Privacy glass | Heated front seats | Panoramic glass roof | 4 Way electric lumbar support for front seats | Virtual door mirrors | Virtual cockpit | DAB digital radio | Bluetooth | 3 Zone climate control | Charging capability of up to 150 kW DC | Electrically adjustable front seats with memory function | Remote preconditioning | Surround view | Virtual door mirrors | Wireless smartphone charging.

The Audi e-tron, what to expect

The Audi e-tron is one of the latest electric mid-sized SUV models, offering great performance, responsiveness while still being practical, capable and luxurious. The ride is smooth, aided by tyres that aren’t too aggressively low-profile and the electric all-wheel-drive system delivers plenty of rear-biased torque. Handling is sure-footed and surprisingly precise.

The e-tron's powertrain option features an electric motor on each axle, both fed by a 95kWh lithium ion battery pack that sits within the wheelbase. This does add to the vehicle's weight but doesn't hinder the performance. With three different driving modes including a 'Boost' option, Audi reports 60mph from rest in 5.4sec and 100mph in 13.7sec. 

The e-tron offers a stylish minimalist interior with three infotainment screens, heated seats and duel zone climate control. The driving position, seat comfort and interior quality is superb. The infotainment screens are clear, crisp, intuitive and easy to use. There is also steering wheel controls for the driver display making it easy to control without having to take your eyes of the road. There is plenty of storage with a large boot, generous door bins, hidden compartments in the front and back and the ability for through loading without having to loose a main passenger seat. There is also a small front boot perfectly suited for storing your charging cables.  

Audi have included duel charging points on either side of the vehicle for added convenience. The charging cable enables a charging capability of up to 150 kW DC allowing the use of Ultra fast charging stations. These stations will allow the e-tron to charge to 80% battery capacity in 30 minutes and fully charged from empty in 60 minutes. Much quicker than the 10 hours required with the 7kW source most used for home and work charging units or the 31 hours it takes from a 3-pin plug home charge. The average range on a full charge sits somewhere between 200 and 230 miles dependant on driving style and external environment.

While its performance and handling are both strong, it's the e-tron’s outstanding refinement, practicality and usability, that makes it a great choice as an electric hire vehicle.

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