Supporting our customers and associates

PVM have been working hard to develop and invest in our associates during the last few months, strengthening our Customer Service provision and providing greater support for our customers. 

During the nationwide lockdown period we took the opportunity to take an in-depth look at our own operation to determine how PVM is best placed to help our customers. We understand that it is fundamental in these times to invest in our associates, and explore new ways to further our service and engagement with our customers, both new and existing.

We have implemented changes including the creation of two new supervisory roles within our Customer Service and Sales Support functions and have also appointed a new Head of Business to Business. This has seen the promotion of three existing associates into these roles, further developing both our customer service and sales proposition.

We understand that in the current landscape we are operating in, every business has its own set of individual challenges. Like many other businesses we have had to develop, explore and adopt new working practices. Over the last few months, we have looked at ways to innovate, develop and invest in technology for our associates so we can successfully enable these new working practices into our everyday working life.  We have provided additional hardware to enable those normally office based to work from home without complications, and our associates are now also utilising a number of different online facilities to hold regular customer, stakeholder and associate meetings. This has been working so well for the last couple of months we can see ourselves taking these new practice’s forward in the future, ensuring our high service levels stay the same. 

Our teams worked tirelessly throughout these past few months and we are proud to say we are now not only maintaining our business standards but through the changes we have made such as home working and the investment in additional hardware we have also be able to improve levels of engagement with our customers. 

‘"n these unprecedented times we understand our customers need support more than ever. We’ve strengthened our Customer Service and Support functions, promoting two team members into Supervisory roles and giving each team a core set of specialist skills. We have also like many, had to adopt new methods of working and these new practices along with our other recent changes see us able to give those customers who wish to take advantage of our services even greater support." David Waring, Head of Account Management, Pendragon Vehicle Management


A huge congratulations to our recently promoted associates 

Chamelle Clayton and Hollie Stevenson – Customer Services Supervisors

Both Chamelle and Hollie have been key members of the PVM Customer Services team for over two years. Both joined PVM as Customers Service Advisors, previously working within our Sales Support function. Over the past couple of years, they have greatly impressed both our associates and customers with their drive, determination, problem solving ability and excellent customer service skills.

As of the 1st September 2020 both Chamelle and Hollie have been promoted to Customer Services Supervisors. Overseeing a team of four Customer Service Advisors each. Chamelle and Hollie will provide support to their respective teams, helping to develop individuals and driving excellence in our customer service delivery. 

"I'm looking forward to starting my new role as Supervisor. Hard work really does pay off. I am also really looking forward to working alongside my team and offering them all the help and support they require.'" Chamelle Clayton, Customer Services Supervisor

"I'm looking forward to helping the team work to better targets and help them step more out their comfort zones. I’m confident I know enough about the business and what customers expect to guide our associates and help deliver a great level of customer service."  Hollie Stevenson, Customer Services Supervisor

Tony Nicholson – Head of Business to Business

With over 25 years’ experience in the automotive and leasing industry Tony joined PVM in 2019 as our New Business National Account Manager. Over the past year Tony has fully integrated himself into his role to develop relationships with both our new and existing fleet customers while also working to position PVM into the larger fleet (600+) arena. 

Tony was the clear choice to take on the role of Head of Business to Business. Now also taking responsibility for both our New Business and Account Management functions. Tony will be looking to protect and develop these relationships further and will ensure that PVM continue to grow our business in the B2B sector while supping all our customers across the UK.

“I am looking forward to the challenge of helping PVM grow and develop its portfolio as our customers and prospects emerge into the new business landscape, we are all facing.” Tony Nicholson, Head of Business to Business 


PVM can help you with getting the most out of your fleet 

PVM are able to consult and assist with all aspects of any fleet operation. Our highly experienced and dedicated teams are able to identify areas within an operation where potential savings could be made. We can also facilitate relationships with different lenders and third parties, providing suggestions on how best to approach any changes for any sector and any sized business. Here are just some options and ideas on how to get the most out of your fleet. 

Outsource your fleet operations:

Let us help in cutting your internal costs, freeing up resources and time spent on fleet administration, so you can focus on your other business critical tasks. Our team can cover all aspects of fleet support tasks and services, from vehicle administration through to driver communications.

Sell your vehicles to us and we will lease you back to you:

Do you have a large fleet sitting still and spending more than it makes? You could consider our Sale & Leaseback options. Take away the worries of keeping the fleet on the road, and obtain a much-needed cash injection.

Consider all of your funding options:

PVM are not bank owned, so if you are struggling to get funding? Talk to us and see if our multiple lenders are able to help fund your fleet, and which funding options work best for your operation.

Need to fill a gap in your fleet quickly? Take a look at our Daily Hire options for short and long term rental solutions

With our corporate rental solution, you can rent a car, van or specialist vehicle from just 1 day, either over the phone or online. Our UK-wide pool of vehicles means we can get a daily rental car to you within just 2-4 working hours. Or if you require a vehicle for a longer period we also offer unique Flexi-Lease products for long term rentals, giving you a choice of mileages for maximum flexibility. 

Get through to the right people:

Here at PVM we have a number of highly experienced dedicated teams covering every aspect of our fleet funding and fleet management services. If you can't find the right person from the below to speak to you can take a look at some of our Sales Team and other contacts here:

How to get in touch

To find out more about how we can tailor an outsourced administration package for your business call 01332 267 389 or email the team using the button below.