With more and more commercial fleets looking to make the transition into electric, we look at the best electric vans for 2021 and why you should consider them for your fleet.

The importance of a good van is immeasurable and finding the right electric van for your fleet is a key consideration for most business as they re-asses their fleets. While EV registrations for businesses are continually on the rise as more and more businesses look to adopt e-mobility solutions, a surprising number of businesses still acquire their vehicles through the consideration of the purchase price which can sometimes disadvantage EVs. This is due to EV’s costing more to buy but less to fuel and maintain. But one of the main attractions with hybrid and electric vehicles is the potential financial benefits, especially when you operate a fleet of vehicles, where savings can soon add up.

Savings include:

  • The cost of electricity is lower than petrol or diesel and the difference is enhanced by VAT (5% on electricity and 20% on fuel).
  • Electric vehicles are exempt from fuel duty and are designed to be fuel efficient. 
  • There is no tax on the electricity used to charge vehicles at the workplace.
  • 100% capital allowance provides further tax relief. 
  • Maintenance and repair (SMR) cost from the fact there are fewer mechanical working parts. 
  • Vehicles with 0% CO2 emissions are exempt from Clean Air Zones (CAZ), Low Emissions Zones (LEZ) and London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). 
  • The tax charge for zero-emission vans increases in 2020-2021 to 80% from 60% of the main rate. However, from April 2021, the Government will apply a nil rate for tax to zero-emission vans. It calculates that the measure will save businesses an estimated £433 per van in tax in 2021-2022 (Hybrid and plug-in vans are still subject to an annual fee.)

An electric van could be the perfect opportunity to cut running costs and these savings make switching to an EV fleet an attractive proposition, but how do you know which electric van is the right choice for your business?

We have put together a list of some of favourites below and for more information on choosing the right electric vans for your fleet take a look at one of our previous blog posts here:


Our favourite electrified and fully electric vans for 2021

Citroen Berlingo-e

Citroën Berlingo Electric 

Citroën Berlingo Electric accelerates nicely, reaching 68 mph and has a maximum operating range of 106 miles with power provided by a single 49kW motor. Benefiting from two separate charge ports and DC rapid charge as standard, charging the battery to 80% can be achieved in just 30 minutes. With its batteries located under the floor, there is no compromise to the Berlingo Electric’s load space, with a load volume from 3.3m3 and payload of 636kg. 

The Citroën Berlingo Electric also has asymmetric rear doors and nearside sliding side door as standard and just one trim level, making the Berlingo Electric one of the most straightforward line-ups of any van range.

Peugeot e-partner

Peugeot Partner Electric

Partner Electric is fully loaded offering items such as a side load door, rear load liner and air conditioning and rapid charge as standard. The extra low-down torque of the Partner Electric pulls you along strongly enough from the moment you press the accelerator pedal and while the Partner Electric has an official range of 106 miles, you should expect to achieve around 80 in real-world driving conditions.

On the L1, load volume is up to 3.3m3 with a load length of 1.8m and a payload of up to 636kg. All vans are equipped with a 50kW DC rapid charge port, enabling an 80% charge in just 30 minutes. The van is also covered by a three-year/100,000-mile warranty, while the battery is covered for eight years or 60,000 miles.

Nissan ENV200

Nissan e-NV200

The e-NV200, which is available as both a van and a five or seven-seat people-carrier, managed to secured a 66% market share in 2020, making Nissan the biggest supplier of e-LCV over the past 12 months. Nissan sold 2,448 e-NV200 in 2020 – more than twice the sales of its nearest rival.

The E-NV200 Van is 100% electric van that is recommended for businesses operating in and around a city. It's 40KWH battery can give you up to 187 miles range and has rapid charge capability.  With a cargo capacity of up to 4.2m³ you have all the carrying capacity you need with the agility of a hatchback.

The LEVC VN5 Electric Van

LEVC VN5 Electric Van

The VN5 electric van from LEVC offers zero-emissions an on-board range-extender, multiple drive modes, flexible charging and outstanding efficiency as standard. The VN5 is a professional vehicle designed to minimise downtime and maximise practical value to fleets and businesses.

With a load capacity of 5.5m3t with gross payload of 830kgt and a total extended range of up to 304 miles the VN5 also offers the longest standard warranty in terms of vehicle and battery in the industry. Overnight charging with a three-pin domestic socket, AC fast charge, and DC rapid charge are all supported.

Renault Kangoo ZE

Renault Kangoo ZE

Renault KANGOO Z.E. is available in 2 lengths, is fully modular and provides a loading area of up to 4.6 m³ and a payload of 640kg. Its maximum torque of 225Nm is delivered instantly while its automatic transmission gives strong, clear acceleration and includes a new 7 kW charger with one hour to recuperate 20 miles.

The KANGOO Z.E. 33 is 100% electric, offering zero emission and the same generous load capacity of Renaults equivalent diesel versions. Giving a WLTP* range of 143 miles on one charge and fully charged in 6 hours. 


Mercedes e-vito

Mercedes-Benz eVito

According to Mercedes-Benz the eVito is possibly the most advanced medium-size van thanks to a clever set of regenerative braking levels that allow you to slow or coast and it is very quick thanks to its 85kW motor. 

This van also features a combined WLTP range of 92 miles, uncompromised cargo space with a generous payload up to 905kg.With its cargo volume of 6.0 m3 you have no restrictions due to the electric drive. The payload is up to 1,015 kg. The eVito panel van is recommended if your vehicle is mainly on the road in city traffic or running scheduled, recurring routes.


Ford Custom PHEV

Ford Transit Custom PHEV

While not a fully electric van this smart hybrid could be a great choice for those with longer journeys and heavier loads in mind. It also keeps those loyal to the brand happy as it stays true to the well-known styling, we are used to seeing in the Ford Transit Custom.

The Ford Custom PHEV, only went on general sale to the public in 2020 and comes as a van or an eight-seat minibus. Both versions have rather clever battery management functions that enable you to store, charge, or use the power in the 14kWh battery pack. This van is also able to complete short city trips on electric power alone, extending the van’s range to over 310 miles (500 kilometres) for longer journeys. It also boasts a maximum gross payload of 1,000kg so is still able to carry heavy loads.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

The Vauxhall Vivaro-e provides practicality, decent load space, ultra-low running costs, a battery range of up to 205 miles and maximum payload of 122g kg, making it a realistic zero-emissions choice for many fleets.

Vivaro-e gives you a choice of batteries. The 50kWh unit has a range of up to 143 miles while the 75kWh battery delivers a range of up to 205 miles. You can re-charge the 50kWh battery to up to 80% in just 30 minutes at a 100kW public charger – the 75kWh unit takes 45 minutes. Or plug in at home.

Citroen e-Dispatch

Citroen e-Dispatch 

The Citroën ë-Dispatch is an 100% electric van that is the ideal vehicle to meet the mobility needs of busy city fleets and even those making longer journeys. With3 driving modes are available: Normal / Eco / Power in the 3 modes, the maximum speed is 80 mph and the benchmarked electric range is up to 205 miles.

Charging is easy with fast charging up to 80% in 30 minutes and the load capacity is in line with its equivalents, from 4.6 to 6.6 m3 of load volume, and up to 1226kg of payload. 


Peugeot e-Expert

Peugeot e-Expert 

The new Peugeot e-Expert has identical load space capacity to diesel variants and comes with 6.6 m3 on the long wheelbase version; a payload of up to 1,226 kg; and a height of under 1.90 m. The Peugeot e-Expert also has the capability to tow up to 1,00kg.

The Compact model at just 4.60 m long, can easily be driven and parked in cities and with a choice of capacity of either a 50 kWh offering a range of up to 143 miles WLTP*, or the 75 kWh offering a range of up to 205 miles WLTP. The battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 100,000 miles for 70% of its charge capacity.


VW ATB e-Transporter

Volkswagen ABT eTransporter

The first fully electric Volkswagen van for the UK, is made by German engineering experts ABT and fully supported by Volkswagen. The transporter engine has been replaced with an 83kW motor and battery pack that will boasts a range of 134 miles. It also supports fast charging up to 50kW and has a payload of just over one tonne, moving 6.7m3. 

perfectly suited to many different business types, including local couriers, delivery drivers, and local businesses. The ABT e-Transporter comes with the latest range of the brands Driver Assistance systems and is available as either a panel van or kombi van.  

Mercedes e-Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

The eSprinter was the first fully electric Van from Mercedes. A large panel van that is packed with free integrated monitoring software, boasts a WLTP combined range of 96 miles and has both rapid and fast charging options. It also boasts a maximum payload of up to 774kg and an 8-year or 160,000km battery guarantee.

It’s DC rapid charging options, which can charge from 0-80% in just 30 minutes^ and potentially extend your daily range by up to 76 miles more – making longer trips and motorway journeys just as easy as local deliveries and inner-city operations.


Renault Master ZE

Renault Master ZE

Using much of the same technology as the Renault Kangoo ZE, the electric Master van has a driving range of 75 miles and is particularly suited to deliveries in town and the suburbs. Available as a panel van, chassis cab and platform cab, with two heights so there is sure to be something suitable for any fleet operation. 

The Renault Master ZE is equipped with the latest technology used to develop the brands batteries and you can see the 75 mile range increase to 95 miles when city driving from only one charge, ensuring you reach your planned destinations.

Please note: Driving style, weather conditions and differences in load will affect your driving range and time between re-charging.

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